Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear Jodie - Y is for You're the One

Dear Jodie,
You’re the One was the first movie selected while compiling our list for the A-Z challenge. For that reason, it is the one I’ve looked forward to seeing the most.
You chose it.
What about this movie compelled you to suggest this one immediately, before any other suggestions?
I have seen it now . . . several parts twice . . . and I don’t know if we saw the same things, but if I had to choose a single word to describe it, the word would be haunting.
From the opening shot of the car driving through the rain on a deserted back road, windshield wipers clack-clacking away, to the final kite-flying scene with Orfeo and Juanito, and the scene with the tears running down Julia’s cheek as she drives home, less depressed, ready to start writing again, the movie just pulled me in and held me.
I love that the director José Luis Garci shot this movie in black and white.  It contributed so much to the mood, and set the film firmly in the late 1940’s.
I want to mention two scenes that particularly drew me in. The first had no dialogue at all during the first part. Juanito watches as Julia gazes out the window listening to opera. The back and forth of the camera showed the fascination the boy had for Julia, a boy who has an affinity for the arts juxtaposed to Julia's reacting to her own feelings through the music.
The attraction is strong.
The second comes late in the movie and is a two-shot of Orfeo and Julia talking at the table, while Orfeo tries to summon the courage to speak more deeply to Julia about his feelings for her and how Julia finds the courage to let him down in such a gentle way.
Most of this scene takes place in a single take giving each of the actors a chance to react to and play off each other.  It also plays in profile respecting the privacy of the characters and creating an added level of intimacy.
Garci knew what he was doing both with the script and the shots. Rare is the director who can make good use of black and white anymore. He did so beautifully.

That I watched it in its native Spanish with English subtitles only enhanced the experience for me.

Thank you for suggesting this one.  Its take on loneliness and loss and love will haunt me for a while.

9 out of 10

Tell me Jodie, why about this movie moved you so much.

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