Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O - Ouija Board

As I've mentions in previous posts, I cannot claim to have ever seen a ghost, but have seen strange things.  Taken each as its own, my creative mind (such as it is) could have found an explanation.

Taken as a series of happenings … no.

One of those occurrences came when my mother and I attempted to communicate with Mr. Scott (the ghost of my first four posts) via the Ouija Board.

What, then, is a Ouija Board you ask?  As you can from the picture below, it’s a board and planchette.  The players ask a question, place their fingertips on the edge of the planchette, and wait.

The planchette will move to “yes” or “no” or to various letters spelling out words and phrases.

Science calls this phenomenon the “ideomotor effect.”

Those who have tried it wonder.
I don’t.

Late one Saturday evening my mother and I sat down at the dining room table.

“Mr. Scott, are you here this evening?” my mother asked.

The planchette seemed as though it wanted to pull away from our fingertips.  In fact, it seemed that I had to force my fingertips to stay on the edge of the wood.  My mother noticed the same thing.  It stopped over the “yes.”

We were off and running like a stallion across the plains.

We asked simple questions, and the planchette led us to simple answers ... for the first hour.

After that the planchette outdistanced us, moving when our fingers were no more than a quarter inch away, telling us that we would rule the world.  Sounded a lot like Simon Bar Sinister from the old Underdog cartoon I watched in my youth.

The planchette then disregarded our questions and moved over the letters to spell out obscenities requesting that we perform certain acts. 

My mother turned to me, her eyes full of fear.

"This isn't Mr. Scott."

My blood went cold.

We never played the Ouija board again.


  1. Best to leave the Ouija board alone.....I had one scary experience myself with it and never touched it again. I tried to use it all by myself and the planchette just rocketed across the board towards me. Never again.


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