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Dear Jodie - The End of Eve

Cover of The End of EveCheck out Jodie's review and cast selections here!

Dear Jodie,

I, too, just finished reading an advanced copy of The End of Eve: a Memoir by Ariel Gore, and could not put it down.  It reached out and grabbed me and pulled me into the pages.

Ariel Gore can say more in one sentence than most writers can say in a paragraph. 

That's what led me to her online class, back in 2009.  In her book called How to Become a Famous Writer Before You're Dead. Wow, has it been that long? It has, indeed, because I was one of Ariel's students while many of the events recounted in The End of Eve took place.

Like you, the stars aligned in my favor when, after a couple of glasses of wine, I emailed Ariel about the possibility of taking her class.  She replied within a day, and I immediately signed up.

Through the quirks and eccentricities and madness, this is poetic human story, a journey through the death of a loved one and a breakup and a struggle to emerge on the other side intact.  As you mention, Jodie, this is a story of two people who love each other, but are rarely on the same page.

This is a story full of emotion from rage to tenderness, and full of the human condition from total confusion to rueful self-awareness.

Ariel's tight, expressive writing allows the reader to hang on each moment, and highlights, as you mention, the human need for love, Ariel's and Eve's most of all.

The End of Eve is a beautiful story.

Though it surrounds a death, it is not without humor.  An old adage of storytelling holds that the best of drama contains comedy, and Ariel has certainly delivered.  My favorites are those special gems that show Ariel's unique view of the world, of her world.

When I read a story I look for four things:  make me laugh, make me cry, excite me, make me think.  Accomplish any two, and I'm a fan of the story.  The End of Eve accomplished all four.

How, you might ask, can such a tightly told tale of humanity excite me?  Because it offered perspectives I had never seen, had not envisioned, yet so very human and so very relatable.

I highly recommend The End of Eve.  I've never read a published memoir that took hold of me like this one did.

Now, like you, I believe The End of Eve will make a great movie.  Without further ado, here are my casting choices.  I'm afraid I ripped off two of yours because they were so doggone perfect.  Actually, all of yours were inspired, but I couldn't just rip off everything.  :-)

Ariel Gore                 -           Julia Roberts - I think she has matured enough as an actor to                                                 play introverted well.
Eve                              -          Meryl Streep

I know, I know, this looks like a rehash of August: Osage County one of our reviews, but I think the two will find the subtleties necessary to make The End of Eve sing.

Maia                           -           Emmy Rossum

Maxito                        -           Blake Garrett Rosenthal (this is my first theft)

Sol                              -           Michelle Rodriguez (my second theft, but she can bring                                                 that edge that the role of Sol requires)

The Chef                   -           Anna Kendrick

Ronald/Ronaldo        -           Dustin Hoffman (in a cameo)

Leslie                         -           Elizabeth Perkins (though she might be a little old for the                                                     role).  She does have that whiskey sour voice associated                                                  with smokers.

Well, Jodie, this is my review, and these are my casting choices.  Ariel has taught me so much about writing and storytelling over the years, not only in her critique of my work, but by allowing me the honor of reading hers.

10 out of 10

I love your review and casting, Jodie!



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