Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dear Jodie! I've Learned To Feed The Birds!

Dear Jodie!

In light of our comments on Saving Mr. Banks, here is a story I wish the movie had mentioned, but understand why it didn't.

When it came time to cast the small, but important, role of the Bird Woman, Walt Disney said, "I know who I want to do this role.  I don't know if she will do it, but I want to ask."

So Walt Disney personally went to the actor's retirement home and asked the eighty-five year old Oscar winning actor Jane Darwell, if she would play the role of the Bird Woman.  Ms. Darwell had not worked in a number of years.

She was thrilled that he asked, and gladly accepted.  Each day that she worked, Walt Disney sent a car for her, and personally met her on the sound stage to welcome her.

The song "Feed The Birds" is about a seemingly small act that rocks the world!  "Tuppence a bag."  What a great line. I can't say the line without tears forming in my eyes. Walt Disney, whether he knew it or not, honored that sentiment by giving an elderly lady the chance to shine one more time in her life.  Jane Darwell, herself, said, "Mr. Disney made me feel like a star."

Oh, no!  Ms. Darwell was a star. Check out her credits on IMDB.  Mr. Disney just made sure the world knew it and got to see it one last time

Jane Darwell lived long enough to see the movie, and LOVED it.

Here in seven minutes is her performance!

Ahhh, what movie shall we tackle next, Jodie?

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