Monday, July 1, 2013

Reflections on a Bird

Walking back from the dumpster the other day, I happened to look down and saw a bird standing on the ground not two feet from me.

I didn’t know the species, but all wild birds usually fly away when a human approaches.

This one looked at me, glanced behind it, then back to me, but didn’t move.

Could birds carry rabies, I wondered?  Not sure, I eased my nervous way toward the steps away from it.  On the first landing I turned back.

It hopped a couple of times, bent over and took flight; for all of two feet.

That explained why it didn’t flee from me.  It couldn’t, at least not far.  I saw immediately that it didn’t have the strength to hop up, but had to fly up one step at a time, resting for as much as a minute before tackling the next one.

Was it sick?  Old?

I didn’t know, but its journey took it away from me.  The poor thing struggled so much; tried so hard; fought for every foot gained.

I wanted to help, but had no idea how.

If I took it into my apartment, my cat would have finished what something else started.

My thought, then was to see if I could take it to the vet just down the road.

I retrieved an old shoe box from inside my apartment, and hurried back outside.


I searched for nearly ten minutes, but couldn’t find it.

And I wanted to find it.

In the end, I could do nothing but leave the poor bird to its fate.

I’ve thought about it every day since, wondering what lesson I can take away from the experience other than the obvious.  Nature can be as cruel as it can be kind. 

That, I already knew.


  1. It could have been just trying to lead you away from its young.

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  3. Your lesson? You stopped and you cared. Many wouldn't take the time to stop and reflect on that little bird and most are too busy rushing around to even notice. You are very kind and VERY caring Rocky xxx

  4. You are beautiful Rocky. For me, I would take a lesson about the cycle of life and there is a time to die. But that's just me - trying to get my head around that notion! xo

    1. Wow, Jodie. Thank you!!! You're right about the lesson. That's something I struggle with, and would do well to embrace.


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