Saturday, March 30, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge Begins Monday April 1

A to Z Challenge [2013]Monday begins the A-Z blog challenge.

My topic is Ghosts: Real, Imagined, and Metaphorical.

Most, to be honest will be metaphorical in that I’ll be telling tales of people from my past who are no longer with us.  Four will be my father, mother, grandmother and sister.

Other ghosts will be of memories or stories that haunt me.

I’ll have some that will be a stretch, to be sure, but I’ll try to make them work.

I don’t have them all written yet, and that’ll be a part of the challenge. One every day of the week except Sunday (catch up day), with the topics being lettered consecutively from A – Z.

I’m thinking they’ll range in length from 100 – 1,000 words, and I promise to warn you of language issues in case you’d prefer to skip it.  Other than that, I’ll have no “adult content.”

Here are some blogs I'm following ... all three great, BTW.  Jodie  #1177  Dawn #1017  Jagger #1018

I must warn you that Jagger is Adult Content, but it's GREAT Adult Content.

My number is #1212.

For a list of the other blogs go to...

My first topic will be A – Adoption.

Check it out starting Monday evening.


  1. Looking forward to your ghosts, and adoption. I'll be returning later today!


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